Bring on the 2021 footy season!

Normalcy has started to return, and life starts to feel real again.  After a year of lockdowns, panics, uncertainty and confusion over new social rules, it was great to see so many people turn out to the North Ipswich Reserve for the return of rugby league. 


The Ipswich All-stars played the Indigenous All-Stars in a well-fought battle that was much closer than the scoreline would indicate. The Indigenous team went with experience, bringing back some of the great talent from previous years.  The Ipswich All-Stars were packed with current-roster players, ensuring they were the bigger, stronger side, and ran out as winners.


The gallery with all the action shots is right here:

2020. Wow.

In this year of a global pandemic that has created such a disruption to our normal lives, it's wonderful that - at least here in Australia - we have been able to keep some sort of normality.  


I am primarily a sports photographer.  It seemed that most sports were going to be cancelled for the 2020 season.  Therefore, most of my opportunities - and income - was going to be zero.  However, a brilliant solution from Rugby League Ipswich has salvaged a good portion of the footy season.  Taking three teams each from Ipswich and Toowoomba who were willing to play. the new Volunteers Cup has been created.  As far as I know, it's the first time that a competition from two different leagues has been combined to make an official competition.  I love this concept, and it can be only a good thing for the sport.  And the fact that I'm the official photographer for the Ipswich part of this competition is humbling and gratifying.  You can find the images of each game in the 'People' category.


Apart from my usual sports shooting, I have been relying on product photography to keep me housed and fed.  If your business needs high-quality photos of your products, hit me up!  I can deep-etch your products, ready for placement on your website or e-commerce site, e.g. Shopify, Amazon, etc.  


Also, now that I have a bloody good video camera, I can properly shoot your workplace, products, wedding, party, or whatever - Keep me in mind for anything you need photographed or filmed!

Queensland Mountain Bike Championships


Acres of scrubby bush filled with old coal-mining shafts, rocks and gravel right in suburban Ipswich... Wasted space?  If you're a real estate agent, yes!  But turn it over to a group of die-hard mountain bikers and you get the perfect setting for a rough, exciting, and technically challenging mountain bike course.  November 3 and 4 saw the Ipswich Cycling Club hosting the state mountain bike championships.  Riders from near and far descended on Ipswich to try their luck on the treacherous grounds of the former Brynhyfryd 'castle'.  (For the story on how Ipswich managed to have a Welsh castle, follow this link).

So, braving the 35 degree heat of an early summer, I trudged out to capture my first mountain bike shoot.  I didn't really know what to expect, but soon found myself some good vantage points to capture the action.


The results of the shoot are here.  Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Spring is here, and so are the storms (finally!)

It's been a dry winter and most of eastern Australia is in the grip of a nasty drought.

But with spring come storms, and so I've dug out some of the shots I've taken over the years and put them in a new menu, under 'Things'.  For a look at some of the best lightning shots I've captured, as well as some of the amazing sunsets we get here in SE Queensland, why not browse through this link